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Global Number Provisioning (GNP) Tool

Global Number Provisioning (GNP) software for PBX is a platform independent DID (Telephone number) Provisioning and Management Software solution that helps to reduce time, cost and effort for number assignment to users and its lifecycle manageability. GNP utilizes set of in-built and customizable rules to automatically allocate telephone numbers to Users and Non-users. These rules can be defined by the GNP Admin at the local site, country or regional node level

How it works?

GNP will plug into an organization’s JML (Joiners, Movers and Leavers) processes as it integrates well with any HR database management system for automatic

1. telephone numbers assignment to new joiners
2. telephone numbers retrieval from leavers and its subsequent retention in a pool for a defined period.

The automatic number allocation can be based on defined business rules that are configurable at the organization’s desired node level. GNP offers great configuration flexibility for Admins based on business needs; an example is the option to override the automatic allocation and de-allocation of phone numbers to users.

Once the number provisioning or de-provisioning tasks is completed by GNP, it synchronizes the details back to the HR Database Management system; hence maintaining equal data sets across the voice solutions ecosystem.

GNP requires that the organization’s HR Database system is able to write-back the assigned telephone URI to the user’s Telephone Number attributes in Active Directory.

Features of GNP Software for PBX –

  • Auto number provisioning and de-provisioning for Users and Non-users (like Meeting room phones, Reception desk, etc.)
  • E.164 Global standard allocation of telephone URI i.e. DID and extension to users and non-users
  • Role based access control – there can be different levels of Administrative permissions that can be granted by the Global admin. This helps to maintain security controls by given access based on hierarchy of nodes (i.e. site, country, region or Global)
  • Number provisioning can be based on user defined rules
  • Reporting capability

Benefits of GNP tool –

  • Reduce Time, Effort and Cost for number management
  • Provides ability for data cleansing to ensure data integrity
  • Better Reporting capability to understand number assignment

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